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To my very valued community,

Introducing The Page Turner and Notes on a Sunday.

Step into a world where time slows to a gentle crawl, and the hustle and bustle of modern life fade into the background. My new release paintings serve as a narrative gateway, offering a poignant exploration of the longing for home—a nostalgic yearning for a quiet existence amidst the chaos of today’s world. With each brushstroke, I paint a vision of a simpler, more soulful time, centred around the tranquil sanctuary of home: a life filled with the rustle of pages turning, the soft glow of French windows, lazy picnics in sun-dappled orchards, and the fragrant beauty of garden blooms. As I craft these visual manifestations, I immerse myself in the scenes, dreaming of a life lived at a gentler pace. In a world bruised by pandemics, politics, and power struggles, my paintings hope to offer a refuge—a momentary respite where the eye can wander through beauty, and the mind can wander in hope. I invite the viewer to join me on a journey of discovery, to get lost in time for a fleeting moment, together.

Both paintings are oil on 100% Cotton Paper, and archival mounted and framed in a white fronted oak floating frame. Subtle and elegant and sure to suit any space. 

By clicking on each image you will learn more about the meaning behind the paintings. I look forward to hearing from you further or answering any questions.