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Notes on Sunday


Notes on a Sunday

Oil on 100% cotton paper
Archivally mounted and framed with a white fronted oak floating frame.
70.5(h) x 55.5(w)

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“Notes on Sunday” captures a tranquil moment of introspection and creative inspiration, inviting the viewer to immerse themselves in the serene atmosphere of a leisurely morning.

At the heart of the painting sits a woman, comfortably seated at a breakfast table, her posture relaxed as she focuses intently on the pages of her notebook. With pen in hand, she scribbles down her thoughts, perhaps jotting down reflections on the quietude of the morning or the beauty of the world unfolding before her.

Behind her, a profusion of blue hydrangeas lead the viewer’s gaze outwards through the open French doors. Beyond the threshold, sunlight streams in, casting a soft, ethereal glow that suffuses the scene with warmth and radiance.

Soft blues, teal greens, and muted purples dominate the color palette, evoking a sense of tranquility and harmony with nature. Amidst these serene hues, a concentrated hint of golden yellow emanates from a nearby reading lamp, adding a touch of coziness and intimacy to the tableau.

Executed primarily with a palette knife, the painting features large, energetic textures that imbue the composition with a sense of dynamism and movement. These bold, expressive strokes draw the eye towards the central figure, while also capturing the spontaneity and vitality of the creative process.

“Notes on Sunday” is a celebration of the simple pleasures found in moments of quiet contemplation and creative expression. It invites the viewer to pause, to reflect, and to savor the beauty of everyday life unfolding in all its wondrous detail.