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Year: 2022
Size: 40x70cm
Acrylic on Canvas

This painting was a finalist in the Smallacombe Portrait Prize

This painting is framed in a premium gold frame

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I used to spend hours in front of a mirror learning about faces and human form by sketching my own reflection. It was never with any intent of capturing me though. This is.

While some have remarked that these painted eyes are sad, I don’t think so. I think they are full of love, lessons, stories, strength, trauma, happiness and observation. I think they are reflecting my failures and accomplishments in an accepting kind of sobriety. A wake-fullness. I think they are a little bit shocked about the world that continues to unfold in such devastating, yet beautiful ways. I think they are a little afraid.

I have explored how to capture my inner self at this moment. My brain. My intellect. My energy. My emotions. How can these contribute to the image of my current self? I exploded these essences around my head and then back into my form in a somewhat Klimt-ian supernova.

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