Opportunities to connect deeply with someone elevates my work beyond the two dimensional surface in the pursuit of the raw, and uncensored self.

A portrait painting of Human Rights Activist Khadija Gbla. Khadija Gbla is wearing a white lace traditional African dress and headdress, bright read earrings, red lipstick and red nails. Her lips are stitched and she is holding a pair of scissors snipping open her sewn lips.
A portrait painting of a handsome man resting his head in his hands.
A portrait paiting of human rights activist Susan Hutchinson. She is looking determined and resting her head in her hands.
The Inexhaustible
Laneway to CRFT
Marieka Hambledon Artist from Adelaide paints Mt Lofty Botanic Gardens
Lovers Bench at Mt Lofty
Adelaide Artist Marieka Hambledon's painting of CRFT Vineyards in the Adelaide Hills
Between the Vines at CRFT
Mt Lofty painted by Adelaide Artist Marieka Hambledon
Musings at Mt Lofty

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