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The Inexhaustible


The Inexhaustible

Acrylic on Canvas


Original signed painting.


Original painting by Australian artist Marieka Hambledon.

This work was a finalist in the Kennedy Prize 2019

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This work was a finalist in the Kennedy Prize 2019
Susan Hutchinson is the founder of the ‘Prosecute; Don’t Perpetrate’ campaign to end impunity for sexual violence in armed conflict. Susan lives with a chronic, disabling illness called Myalgic Encephalitis, a type of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which she contracted after a minor surgery. Everyday noises like lawnmowers, traffic and crowds cause her to lose physical control of her limbs and cognitive function. Her condition means that she can’t fully participate in the traditional workforce because she can’t commit to being able to work in advance, however, she spends all her limited energy fighting for better understanding of and conditions for a range of underprivileged people and issues. This includes intersectional feminism, food security, the environment and disability!
The painting captures Susan’s Inexhaustible spirit and determination, but also her childlike innocence in the face of witnessing extreme brutality. Painted using my signature style the work has brown hues that change slightly depending on the light source. The painting is a real showstopper piece, grabbling the attention of the viewer and pulling them deep into the textures of the work.

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