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The Page Turner


The Page Turner

Oil on Cotton Paper

Archival Mounted and framed in a white fronted oak floating frame.

85cm(h) x 55.5cm(w)

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In “The Page Turner,” I sought to capture the enchanting moment when literature transcends the boundaries of the physical world, drawing the viewer into a realm where imagination reigns supreme.

At the heart of the painting, a woman reclines completely engrossed in the pages of her book. Her presence is serene, her focus absolute, as if the world around her has faded into insignificance in comparison to the captivating narrative unfolding before her eyes.

As the story unfolds, so too does the room around her begin to dissipate, melting into a tapestry of ethereal colours and shifting shadows. The warm embrace of golden light spills through the window, casting a gentle glow upon the scene and infusing it with a sense of otherworldly magic.

The colour palette, is rich and sumptuous with deep reds, lustrous golds, olive greens, and dark blues, that play across the canvas.

Through “The Page Turner,” I invite the viewer to a celebration of the transformative power of literature, and a testament to the enduring allure of the written word.

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Dimensions 55.5 × 4 × 85 cm