The Dancing Mind
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The Dancing Mind

Year: 2016
Size: 92X61CM
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

The Dancing Mind is a portrait of my best friend Jay. Jay is a very special person in my life, and when it came to painting him I won’t lie, I was terrified. Ensuring that I capture my subjects distinct personalities is very integral to my work. Jay is a beautiful human. He is brilliant and succeeds at all he does. He is intense, creative and has a uniqueness to him that makes him so endearing. His mind, and the way it works fascinates me. He is a very successful finance person in government that came from a past as a dancer. Polar opposites that are strangely in sync. I painted Jay in a myriad of colours, shades and tones to reflect his creativity. The colours almost sparkle. The composition staged for uniqueness and his and intense gaze and dark setting to capture his more serious side.