Artist Statement

My technique involves painting small dots of pure, unmixed paint. The randomness of these apparently separate pigments are applied in such a way that they begin to coexist – just as they do in the flesh. The dots blend to form a photorealistic image, like pixels, but on closer inspection, the layers of dots begin to separate, revealing more fragmented, complex and abstract marks. 

I utilise this abstraction technique to correlate with a pixilation of self. A visual deconstruction and then reconstruction of my subject. Like the pointillists, I play with the patterning of dots to control the gaze of the viewer and rely on optical blending to unify and bring the colours together. This ensures the pigments, when mixed in the viewers mind, retain their intensity and appear brighter. 

This visual participation encourages the viewer to connect with the work further and provokes a more intimate experience of the piece. As an artist exploring what it means to be human, I want to join with my subjects to give voice to their stories in an accessible way and spark a pro-active conversation.