Artist Statement

I am an oil painter that explores what it means to be human through figurative painting on canvas. I aim to capture our multi-layered complexity: body, mind and soul through different techniques.

My faces and bodies are primarily hyperrealistic. The mind is represented through more abstracted marks, energetic movements or softer brushstrokes. Finally the soul is captured through my colour palette which sets the feeling and emotion of the piece. 

I use optical blending throughout my work. This is an effect that allows your eye to separate colours when viewed closely. Further away the colors blend seamlessly. I feel this encourages intimacy and reflection. A desire to look closely, and also look from a distance to gain a clearer picture. 

To arrive at my narrative theme, I ask my sitters to share their greatest inner struggle or  celebration. Together, we workshop this through expressions and movements. 

Each painting represents the connection between me and my sitter as I embrace and capture their inner world.