-    -    -  Sam

Sam, 2020

Year: 2020
Size: 101.6×76.2cm
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

As an artist exploring what it means to be human, opportunities to connect deeply with someone elevates my work beyond the two dimensional surface in the pursuit of the raw, and uncensored self. It is this self, standing before us in its honesty, that speaks to the viewer and reflects something back that is relatable and true.‘Sam, 2020’ captures the soulful interaction between my partner and I as we share, love and learn from our human fallibility. The subject (Sam) is gazing out at the artist in a tender moment of conversation and the artist responds by capturing the vulnerability of this moment in the softness of his eyes. My pointillism technique of pure, unmixed paint dabs is utilised further to correlate with a pixilation of self. The static vulnerability of all the parts that make us whole. Optical blending by the viewer then unifies this abstraction and brings the colours together to form a detailed representation of the subject. This visual participation invites the viewer to connect with the work further and provokes a more intimate experience of the piece.